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Night porter box BASIC LINE

SKU: I-748-NP01
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Product details

  • Ideal for late arrivals
  • Fit for keys and keycards

Night porter box BASIC LINE

Ideal for late arriving guests.

The 24-hour solution for your reception or for locations without a reception. Keys, keycards, documents and small items can be stored in one of the boxes. Send your guests the code via e-mail or SMS and they can easily access their objects.

The arrival of your guests is no longer tied to your opening times!

Nachtportierbox BASIC LINE is a system in which 6 keys or key cards can be stored and can be issued automatically if the reception is unmanned, which makes it ideal for late arriving guests. By entering the 4-digit code, which is easy to set / change by the administrator, on the code panel with green / red signaling, your guests can easily and safely get possession of the assigned key or keycard. The night porter box wall model is also provided with a master code, which makes it easy to open all boxes with one code.


Width 350 mm
Color White
Depth 85 mm
Height 280 mm