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Night porter boxes

As a hotel, you choose whether you want a 24 hour reception or not. It is very sufficient for guests when they can also check in, in the evening or even in the middle of the night when they just had a late flight or for whatever reason were not able to check in during the reception’s opening hours. With a key safe, you are not dependent on a receptionist and your reception does not have to be open around the clock. With the key cabinets of Be Dutch, you give guests the possibility to check in whenever it suits them, even if this is at 5 AM. By means of a night porter box, you can arrange the issuance of your keys without having to be present, ideal! This is the perfect 24-hour solution for the reception of your hotel, guest house or holiday park.

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Secure key safes

Be Dutch key safes are very safe and have many advantages in terms of security:

  • The key cabinets are tamper-proof and have a lock function in case of failed attempts
  • The Key drop is protected by roller, no fishing out of keys
  • Almost all models have a audit log of 60,000 transactions
  • In addition, codes and memory are retained in the event of a power failure
  • Some models are equipped with a double-locked safety door

So there is no need to worry about the security of the key safes, you can safely store keys and key cards. Take a look at our complete assortment and find the best key safe for your hotel.

Electronic key safes

A digital key safe has many advantages. Several different variants of Be Dutch are suitable for both keys and keycards. Send the key safe code to the guest via text message, e-mail or telephone. The guest enters this code on the panel of the hotel key cabinet. They are all equipped with a user-friendly operation, some models also have a handy touchscreen with different language settings. There are different models of electronic key safes. For example, we have models with different compartments to store the key. With the help of the code, the correct compartment is opened so that the guest can take their key out. But we also have a few key drop lock boxes. By entering the code, the correct key falls into a collection container. A number of our key safes can be used not only for check-in but also for check-out to return keys. If the guest wants to leave when no one is present at the reception, the key can easily be handed in in the night porter boxes 

Want to order a key safe? Buy it online at Be Dutch

Our handy key safes can easily be ordered online at Be Dutch, so you don't have to go to a store. All different models are available and can be sent quickly. With the help of our product sheets you can easily read all the data of the key safes online and make your choice easily. All specifications and benefits can be found on the product pages and in the product sheets that can be found on the product page.

Features of the Key drop Lock box

Arriving guests can easily get their key or keycard themselves from the electronic key safe. This way, their arrival is no longer bound by the opening hours of your reception. Key handover has never been easier and your guests can now check in 24 hours at your hotel. Some variants also allow your guest to check out whenever it suits them thanks to the Be Dutch key safes that are equipped with a return option for keys and key cards. Are you going for a key safe with different compartments per key, or for a key drop lock box variant where the correct key falls into a collector container after entering the correct code. There are many possibilities with our key safes.