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There are various handy products to make your key management easier and structured. For instance, Be Dutch has convenient key safes, key boxes, night porter boxes and check-in and check-out boxes for a 24 hour reception. We have the perfect solution, whether your hotel uses regular keys or key cards for your hotel room access. On this page you can find our key management products that are on sale at the moment. Take a look at our key management outlet.

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Key safes

A key safe is very handy and is available in multiple versions. In our key management outlet you can find key safes with 60 hooks and also a variant with 100 and even 200 hooks for your keys. All of these convenient editions have a safe electronic lock. So if you are looking for a small or a big key safe for your hotel, a key safe with electronic lock of Be Dutch might be the perfect solution for you.

Key management hotel

In case you are looking for other products for your key management, you can also take a look at other pages. On the key management page you can find all of our convenient products for the key management of your hotel. Do you want to make it possible for your guests to check in 24-7? A 24 hour reception is possible with the use of our night porter boxes. With one of these night porter boxes you can arrange the key issuance without the need for a receptionist to be present. From now on, guests that have been delayed can easily check themselves in after the opening hours of the reception. The same counts for guests that would like to check out late at night because of a late flight. They can do this without needing a receptionist because of our check-in and check-out boxes. With one of these, they easily return the key when it suits them.

Key safe outlet

You can find everything you need for your key management at Be Dutch. And all the key safes in our key management outlet are now on sale. Are you looking for a key safe on sale? You will find one in our product range of key management products in our outlet, guaranteed!