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Key box MAXI

SKU: I-798-D01
€ 1485,00
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Product details

  • Ideal for late arrivals
  • Fit for keys and keycards
  • Can be used outdoors

Key box MAXI

Ideal for late arriving guests.

Thé 24-hour solution for your reception or for locations without a reception. Keys, keycards, documents and small items can be stored in one of the boxes. Send your guests the code via e-mail or SMS and they can easily access their objects.

The arrival of your guests is no longer tied to your opening times!

Keybox MAXI is a new model night porter and is suitable for outdoor use as standard without special protective boxes. The 6 compartments are suitable for storing keys and other small items such as key cards. The user-friendly 5 "touchscreen screen can be set in different languages and the tamper-proof security provides automatic abuse in the event of memory readings of up to 60,000 transactions, and in the event of a power failure, both the codes and the memory are retained.

Measurement compartments: 

Depth: 9 cm
Height: 5 cm
Width opening: 19.8cm / Width inside 23 cm


Width 478 mm
Color White
Depth 142 mm
Height 354 mm
Key box MAXI
Key box MAXI
€ 1485,00