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Key box check-in MAXI

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Product details

  • Suitable for keys and keycards
  • Tamper-proof, lock function in case of failed attempts
  • Key drop protected by roller - no fishing out of keys
  • Audit log 60.000 transactions
  • In case of power failure, codes and memory are retained

Key box check-in MAXI

Thé 24-hour solution for your reception.

Key issue without having to be present? No problem with the Be Dutch keyboxes! With these key issue systems, you can offer your guests or customers a key or key card 24 hours a day. Ideal for hotels and guest houses, holiday parks and car rental companies.

The arrival of your guests is no longer tied to your opening times!

Guests can arrive at any time in the way they prefer. If you know that your guests arrive late, you will disclose a previously established key code to the guests. Upon arrival, your guests enter the code at the key control system and receive the key. It's that simple!

Keybox MAXI check-in has double locks and is suitable for outdoor use as standard without special protective boxes. The user-friendly 5 "touchscreen screen can be set in different languages ​​and the tamper-proof security provides automatic blocking of abuse, the memory can read up to 60,000 transactions, and in the event of a power failure, both the codes and the memory are retained. keybox is also protected against "fishing" for keys, and is suitable for mechanical keys and keycards.

Keybox MAXI check-in is standard equipped with 8 key positions. On request and at extra cost available with 15 key positions.


Width 400 mm
Color Grey
Depth 174 mm
Height 480 mm
Key box check-in MAXI
Key box check-in MAXI
€ 1265,00