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Welcome tray sets

Give your guests a warm welcome and equip your rooms with a Be Dutch welcome tray set. The sets are available in various materials and sizes, and are combined with a 0.6 or 1.0 liter kettle. A welcome tray set is a rather simple way for hotels to welcome their guests to their room and to give them a great start of their stay.

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Welcoming your guests; probably one of the most important moments. The first impression of the hotel, the personnel and of course the hotel room your guest is staying in. When you ensure that these moments will be experienced positively, you have just gotten yourself a new satisfied guest.

With a welcome tray set, you will give your guests a warm welcome. There is nothing better than entering your hotel room to rest, to maybe already unpack your suitcase and to recover from the trip while enjoying a good cup of tea. The Be Dutch hotel hospitality tray, enables your guests to have this positive first experience. Our tray sets can be provided with multiple tea flavours and other small useful supplies.

A hotel hospitality tray from Be Dutch, should belong to the standard equipment of every hotel room. All of our sets are provided with a neat kettle with a classic design. If you are solely looking for a kettle, you can also purchase these separately.

Welcome tray sets in different colours

In our assortment you can find different variants of the welcome tray sets. You can choose between multiple colours, materials and sizes of the guest sets. For example, a 0,6 liter kettle will be enough for a single room, yet a 1,0 liter kettle might suit a family room better.

But what colour are you going to choose for your hotel rooms? Are you going for the black version made of ABS with a beautiful wood grain structure, or does the tray from sustainable bamboo in mahogany better suit your taste? In our product range, you can also find a natural bamboo variant that you can combine with a kettle of your choice. Our kettles are made of high quality stainless steel. Are you choosing the classic stainless steel design or the matte black kettle? It is up to you! You can make your own combination of tray and kettle for your welcome tray sets.