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Maybe not the first item you think of when styling your hotel room or bathroom, but that doesn't make it any less important: waste bins. Make sure your guests have a tidy stay without losing the stylish design of your rooms. At Be Dutch we have been able to turn a necessary utensil such as a waste bin into a stylish accessory for your hotel and bathroom! We offer them in different designs, so that you can vary and choose the style that suits you. So if you are looking for new waste bins for your hotel, take a look at our assortment below.

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Waste bin 10 liter

The most guests stay for a relatively short period of time in your hotel room. A big and bulky trash can is therefore not needed and also does not really give your rooms a chic look. Besides, rooms are cleaned regularly so the bins will be emptied every day or every few days. Therefore a waste bin with a capacity of 10 liter will suffice your rooms just fine. A small trash can is also less visible because of its size and our designs have a luxurious appearance. Hence, our 10 liter waste bins will suit any hotel room and hotel bathroom.

Waste bins shapes

Our waste bins are available in different shapes. Do you opt for a round bin or rather a square one. Looking for a square, small waste bin? Then we can assure you, you will find the perfect one in our assortment.

Waste bin square

Of the different shapes of waste bins we have available, our square variant might be the most luxurious model. Throw away your trash in style with this stylish leatherette waste bin. This material gives the pedal bin a very chic look. This bin has a removable plastic liner. Because of this removable liner, this trash can is very easy to clean. The measurements of the bin are 23 cm high and it also has a width of 23 cm.

Waste bin round

Be Dutch also has paper bins with a timeless design. This round, double walled trash can for hotel rooms is available in black with a chrome ring. The capacity of the bin is also 10 liter. Because of the rubber anti slip bottom, the bin does not move constantly and also does not fall over easily. This beautiful model is also available in a variant without chrome ring for a more simplistic look. Besides that, Be Dutch also has a round pedal bin made of great quality leatherette. This one has – just like the square one – a very chic appearance which suits any hotel room perfectly.

Waste bin black

Looking for a black pedal bin? You will find the perfect one at Be Dutch in different shapes and also made out of different materials. Just like our beautiful round paper bin with a black coating or the classic leatherette pedal bin. A small waste bin with a timeless, classy, black colour, suits any hotel room. Give throwing away trash a more glamorous touch with our beautiful designs waste bins.