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Luggage racks

Your guests arrive with their best clothes for their business trip or vacation. Packed in overnight bags, backpacks or suitcases, whatever they prefer, they will appreciate a place to put them on and unpack. Choose the model luggage rack that fits the design of your hotel room or guesthouse. Wood, chrome, black or brown? We have it on stock. Prefer to protect your wall? Choose for the high back model.

All racks are foldable so they can easily be stored in a closet or storage room. Take a look at our assortment and find the perfect luggage rack for your hotel rooms!

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Luggage rack hotel

A luggage rack in your hotel is merely a simple but such a helpful addition to your hotel rooms. When folded, they hardly take up any space but they remain an object that can make a difference in the guest experience. Fold the rack out besides the closet and unpack your suitcase or backpack. Thereafter you can fold the rack in again and store it easily. Be Dutch has the nicest luggage racks from different materials and in multiple heights available. And also very important; for a very interesting price and of great quality!

Luggage rack wood

What are the advantages of wooden luggage racks over the chrome models? Firstly, the material is of great importance on the appearance. Which style suits your hotel rooms best? A rack made out of wood has a warm appearance. If you are interested in a wooden rack, Be Dutch has different options. Do you opt for a light natural variant or for a variant with a solid black frame? Besides that, they are both provided with four black nylon straps. When folded out, the wooden racks have a height of 48 cm and folded in a height of 65 cm. The surface where you put your luggage on is 63 cm by 43 cm.

Luggage rack chrome

A chrome luggage rack has a completely different appearance than the wooden variant. The steel gives the standard a classic and sleek appearance. What might be an advantage for some, compared to the woorden luggage standards, is the height. Our chrome racks are slightly higher with a height of 55 cm. Furthermore we also have a luggage rack with high back that prevents damage to the wall. This model is also a little higher than the other racks, namely 73 cm high when folded out. If you are interested in a luggage standard with a classic and sleek appearance, take a good look at our assortment.

Buy hotel luggage rack online

Do you want to provide your hotel rooms with a beautiful and useful luggage rack? In our assortment you can find a rack of wood or a chrome luggage rack that perfectly fits the interior of your hotel rooms, guaranteed. Easily buy new luggage racks here online at Be Dutch.