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Ironing stations

Your guests arrive with their clothes packed for their business trip or vacation. Of course, they want to keep them tidy during their stay, so they look their best. Cotton, silk, wool or synthetic fibers? Your guests want them to be smooth and tight! Offer your guests an ironing service in the room with the Be Dutch ironing stations, they will certainly appreciate it.

With their own ironing board and iron on the hotel room, you give your guests the possibility to alway look at their best. Because no matter how neat you fold your clothes, wrinkles develop quickly. With the Be Dutch iron DRY in combination with one of our ironing boards, wrinkles are a thing of the past and guests can leave their hotel room looking neat. Done with ironing? Everything can be stored easily with the help of the Be Dutch ironing board holder.

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Ironing board

Be Dutch has multiple handy ironing boards in its assortment. So if you are looking for a hotel ironing board, then you can choose between different sizes. Our ASIA ironing board is 970 mm long, 330 mm wide and the height is adjustable up to 750 mm. Rather have a bigger ironing board? Then our EUROPE model might be a better fit for you. The Be Dutch EUROPE ironing board is a whopping 1100 mm long, 330 mm wide and adjustable up to a height of 850 mm. Both ironing boards are adjustable in 7 different positions and are available separately or in a complete package.

Hang your ironing board on the wall

Of course you do not want the ironing board to always be standing in the room unfolded, you want to be able to store it properly. With our ironing board wall holder you can easily hang the ironing board on the wall. Our ironing board hanger is fit for the ASIA as well as the EUROPE model and is virtually invisible when the board is hanging. In case there is not enough space in the closet for the ironing board and iron, the wall holder will serve as a perfect solution.

Ironing board cover

Our Be Dutch ironing boards are provided with an aluminized cover with felt padding. Of course it is also possible to buy one of our ironing board covers separately that is suitable for normal and steam ironing. Our cover for the ironing board has a resilient foam layer and is available in different measurements that perfectly fit our EUROPE and ASIA ironing board.


Looking for a great iron for your hotel? Our iron DRY is specially designed for hotel usage and has a power of 230 V, 50 Hz, 1000 watt. With the variable temperature settings, you can set the iron to the setting that best suits the material you are ironing. Besides that, this model is equipped with a light indicator.

Iron without steam

Our DRY iron has overheat safety protection and is provided with an auto shut-off function and cord swivel protection cord. The cord with a length of 1.80 meter, gives your guests enough movement space. The stainless steel soleplate is 215 mm long and delivers a perfect result without the use of steam. Hence this is a perfect dry iron. Iron without the use of steam easily the wrinkles out of your clothes with the DRY iron.

Iron holder

Furthermore, you can also find an iron holder in our assortment. Mount the holder to the ironing board to make ironing a lot easier. The iron holder is heat resistant and has an anti-theft hook that connects the iron to the ironing board to prevent removal of the iron. The holder is also provided with a suspension hook to easily store the board and iron in the closet.

Buy an ironing board online

Looking for the perfect ironing board for your hotel? Read the product sheets of our ASIA and EUROPE ironing board for more information and see which model best suits the needs of your guests. Would you rather buy a complete package, than an ironing station with ironing board with cover and iron included might be a great solution.

Buy an iron online

Do you want to buy an iron for your hotel rooms? In our webshop, you can find one of great quality. Our iron can be bought separately and as a part of a complete package. Buy your iron online here at Be Dutch with a perfect ironing board and ironing board holder to complete your hotel rooms and to give your guests the opportunity to look neat when leaving the room.