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Hotel safes

You do everything you can to offer your guests a safe stay in your hotel. Security goes beyond the public areas and the door of the hotel room. With the solid hotel safes from Be Dutch, your guests can be sure that valuable documents, jewelry and electronics can be safely stored in their room. The Be Dutch range of hotel safes consists of various designs and sizes, including safes that are suitable for the safe storage of laptops.

The laptop safes are available in several cheerful colors. Guests can easily and securely store their valuables in one of our compact safes that feature two steel latches for extra burglary resistance. In addition to the special laptop safe, you will also find a drawer safe in our range that is equipped with internal LED lighting. This model has been developed for hotels in the top segment, so that they can offer their guests the best experience.

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Safe for in the hotel room

A safe in the hotel room offers guests the possibility to store valuables safely when they leave the room, for example. So if you are looking for a safe with combination lock, you have plenty of choice in our range. These safes have a clear display and work with a numeric code of 4 - 6 digits. You can choose from models that you can open with a rotary knob after entering the numerical code or safes with a motorized opening and closing. This last run opens and closes with the code selected by the guest.

Electronic safe

A safe with a combination lock has several advantages. Since the safe is opened and closed with a code, the guest does not have to carry a key with them, which is of course very easy, especially since a key is easy to lose. All our models also have an adjustable master code for management and emergency opening by means of a mechanical emergency key is also possible. Furthermore, our hotel safes are provided with anchoring holes in the bottom and rear wall.

A safe with a key is outdated. Are you a big fan of the latest technology? Then a hotel safe with an LED-lit numeric code tray that works with both a fingerprint and a numeric code is a future-proof solution.

Small hotel safe

There is also a handy solution for rooms or cabinets with limited space. Our hotel safe MINI model is very compact but just as pleasant and safe to use as our other models. The hotel safe MINI is only 310 mm wide, 210 mm deep and 200 mm high. Our mini safe is therefore still large enough for phones, jewellery, cash and valuables such as passports.

Be Dutch also has a special hotel safe with a built-in socket. In this small safe you can easily charge your phone, tablet or laptop, while it is safely stored.

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Would you like to buy a hotel safe? Be Dutch has a wide range of hotel safes. There is a perfect solution for every hotel room. In addition, you will find even more useful products for hotel rooms, bathrooms or public areas in our range. Dare to Be Dutch!