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Hotel room outlet

Everything you need to complete your hotel rooms, you will find at Be Dutch. In our assortment you can find many handy accessories. From a coax cable to a flame retardant paper bin. All hotel room accessories that you find on this page are on sale. The most beautiful and great quality products, for a very reasonable price. Take a look at our hotel room outlet!

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Hotel room accessories on sale

Are you looking for an energy control unit with which you can turn on all connected electric devices by using a key card? Or maybe a handy chrome luggage rack? A hotel room is only finished when you really spend some attention to different details like the accessories in the room. These can actually lift the guest experience to a higher level.

Everything for your hotel television

Nowadays, you will have a hard time finding a hotel room without a television. It has become a standard to have one in your hotel rooms. In the product range of be Dutch you will find multiple products for your hotel room television. Are you looking for a TV maintenance and cleaning kit to clean the television screen? Or maybe a coax cable of 1,5 meter long? Besides we also have a convenient wall anchor for your TV. This wall mount is rotatable and tiltable so that your guests can relax and watch TV anywhere in the hotel room.

Other hotel accessories on sale

All accessories that you need for your hotel rooms are available in the Be Dutch product range. Every accessory on this page is on sale. Amazing products for a nice price. For instance, we have a nice handy wooden dressboy with wheels which makes it very mobile. Because of the clips, you can easily hang your clothing and prevent them from getting wrinkled. Another product that definitely can not be missed in any hotel room is a hotel safe. Our hotel safes give your guests the possibility to store their valuables safely so they can leave the room without any worries. The hotel safe RFID comfort line 20 is now on sale hence it can be yours for just a fraction of the original price. A solid hotel safe that is big enough to store valuable products like jewelry and for instance a laptop.

The hotel room accessories outlet of Be Dutch

In case you are looking for accessories for your hotel rooms that are now on sale, you are on the right page. One of these convenient accessories on sale is our ironing board essential. Now that is what we would call an offer you can’t refuse! If you would rather buy a complete set, than make sure to take a look at our ironing stations page for an entire station consisting of an ironing board with a cover and an iron. Give your hotel room the finishing touches it needs to give your guests an even better experience with our products of great quality.