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Do not disturb systems

The Be Dutch do-not-disturb systems (DND-system) have been developed as an advanced and stylish replacement for traditional door knob hangers in hotels. Choose from seven models in four different colors. An electronic DND system offers your guests convenience, privacy and clear information for your housekeeping. Our do-not-disturb systems are provided with multiple useful functions and have a clean, modern look that fits perfectly in any hotel. Which model suits your needs best? Below, you will find the most useful DND-systems in our assortment. Pick the model, the colour and you can even choose to personalise the display as you wish!

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Replacement traditional DND sign

Are you still looking for a replacement for the traditional DND signs, those outdated door knob hangers that the guest can turn around to indicate if the room can be cleaned or to show that he would rather not be disturbed? The DND-systems of Be Duch are a fantastic upgrade of the outdated variant. For extra convenience, there are multiple models with an integrated doorbell in the displays.

In case the guest wishes to not be disturbed, he chooses the ‘do not disturb’ function with just one touch on the panel inside the hotel room. Once this function is activated, the doorbell can not be used so the guest will really be left alone. This is also visible on the display on the outside that is connected to the panel inside of the hotel room.

On the useful DND hotel systems, one can also indicate that the room is ready for cleaning. The housekeeping can see this on the display which of course is a very useful function. From now on, housekeeping knows precisely when they can enter a room to change the bed sheets and clean everything before the guest gets back.

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Another plus of Be Dutch's DND systems is that you can order them entirely according to your wishes. There are multiple colours to choose from and different design displays available. Besides, we can also put the logo of your hotel and the room number on the display.

You can choose from seven beautiful models and six of these are also available in four different colours. Because of this, there are many variations to choose from. Do you opt for champagne, black, white or silver? And what colour LED-blacklight suits your wishes best and matches your hotel rooms? Furthermore, you can also choose what shape the display should be, would you like a rectangular display or do you prefer oval?

We completely personalise the systems with your hotel logo and room number in LED-blacklight. Replace your old hotel do-no-disturb signs now with our very useful and modern DND-systems. This gives your guests a real sense of tranquility and from now on they have control over this themselves. For a top guest experience, order a Be Dutch do-not-disturb system now online.