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Clothes hangers

Your guests arrive with their clothes packed for their business trip or vacation. Naturally, they want to keep these tidy during their stay, so that they look their best. Suits, jeans, skirts or shirts? They can be hung in shape and wrinkle-free with Be Dutch clothes hangers.

Be Dutch clothes hangers are available in different versions: with anti-slip trouser rail, anti-theft hook, skirt clips or with standard hook. View the range of Be Dutch clothes hangers below.

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The different types of clothes hangers

All Be Dutch clothes hangers are made of beautiful wood and are of great quality. We have different types of clothes hangers in our assortment.

The clothes hanger with anti-slip trouser rail is available in two variants. One with a normal hook and a variant with an anti-theft hook that ensures that your guests cannot take the clothes hangers off the rod and thus prevents theft. The hangers with an anti-theft hook are suitable for clothes rails with a diameter of up to 35 millimeters.

The non-slip clothes hangers are very handy. Due to the material of the rail, garments adhere well to it. This makes it the perfect hanger for trousers such as pants that wrinkle more easily. Our hangers with a normal hook are also available with skirt clips. With this clothes hanger with clips you can easily hang up skirts so that you do not have to fold them, which can cause wrinkles to form.


The different types of clothes hangers in our range are all made of beautiful wood. The wooden clothes hangers are available in different colors; natural wood and a sleek black version.

The right hanger for the right piece of clothing

Garments of different shapes and materials all require a different way of hanging to keep the garment nice and wrinkle-free. By hanging your clothes neatly on a clothes hanger that matches the type of clothing, your clothes will keep their shape and you can put everything back in your suitcase in a beautiful condition. Are you looking for clothes hangers for children or babies? Then a clothes hanger with a clip is a good solution. You can move these clips over the rail on which they hang. This allows you to slide the clamps closer together so that smaller items of clothing that do not fit over the hanger can easily be hung.

Width clothes hangers

All hangers have the same dimensions and are 445 millimeters wide and 12 millimeters high. The Be Dutch clothes hangers have a beautiful design and give your guests the opportunity to unload their suitcase and to create an overview of the clothes they have brought on a business trip or vacation.