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Hook small BE DUTCH

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Hook small BE DUTCH

Executed in chrome, suitable for every design.


Can you picture the following situation: you are in a hotel or holiday park, ready for some quality time and relaxation. No better way to do this than to take a long, relaxing, hot shower. But when you step into the bathroom, you’ll find that the only option to put your clothes is on the bathroom floor or sink. Big disappointment, and there goes your excitement. You want to offer your guests the best experience possible, and provide them with every accessory they need to make sure their stay is as pleasant as can be. An easy way to do this is to choose BE DUTCH bathroom accessories; three series of bathroom accessories to completely equip your bathroom.

The BE DUTCH series is made of chrome, without rose, and fits in every design..


Color Chrome
Diameter 20 mm
Length 50 mm
Material Brass