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Be Dutch is the brand for hotel supplies, part of the Hotek Hospitality Group. Order over 300 high quality hotel products online.


Be Dutch is a brand of the Hotek Hospitality Group and offers over 300 hotel supplies. This in-house line of high-quality products is developed from the needs of the customers and is continuously being expanded. Quality, durability, environmental friendliness and competitive rates are a recurring theme throughout our product development.

We serve over 5.000 customers in 65 countries, including hotels, resorts, cruise ships, nursing centers and student residences. Hotek Hospitality Group is NEN-en-ISO: 9001-2015 certified.

Looking for hotel locks? Visit our website www.hotek.nl for innovative access control solutions by Hotek.

Hygiene & safety

Be prepared for the new 1.5m economy with a few simple adjustments. Provide your guests with a little present which ensures their sense of hygiene and safety during their stay. Our Be Safe Hand sanitizer and Be Safe Hand wipes are the perfect little gift for your guests upon their check-in.