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Floor signs and mats

With the Be Dutch floor signs and floor mats, you let guests know where they are allowed to stand and you remind them to keep enough distance from one another. Because it allows you to properly divide and neatly organize your public spaces, it also gives guests an extra sense of security. Organize your public areas with the floor stickers and mats from Be Dutch to let your guests experience the warm and pleasant feeling of the hospitality industry, but with the current measures needed in mind. Take a look at our assortment here!

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Floor signs

We have two different floor stickers for your hotel, restaurant or shop. Both stickers have the same design, but you can still choose from two different sizes. Do you opt for the smaller version with a diameter of 25 centimeters or for the larger version with a diameter of 42 centimeters. By placing the round floor stickers 1.5 meters apart, guests know exactly where they can stand to keep enough distance from each other. The Be Dutch round floor stickers are of top quality and are durable. Our floor signs are provided with anti-slip laminate and can be glued to almost any surface, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the distance sticker can also be removed without glue residue. So whether you are looking for floor signs for inside or outside on a stone surface; these stickers are fit for the job!

Corona mat

How about a “cleaning mat keep distance” that reminds guests to keep their distance when they enter. Our dry-running mats are available with a Dutch and an English text imprint. In addition, the corona mat is available in a variant that indicates that you must keep your distance and in a variant that indicates that you must wash your hands. You can place the latter at a disinfection pole where guests can immediately disinfect their hands with, for example, our Be Safe hand gel sanitizer. Our entrance mat is 1.5 meters long. There are several designs of our drying mat from which you can choose. For example, we have the "floor mat Keep Distance” on which this text is printed large and also a variant with the shape of footsteps on it that indicate where you are allowed to stand to keep enough distance from someone else. Take a look at our range here on our website and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!