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Barrier posts and ropes

Manage the flow of guests in your public spaces with the Be Dutch barrier posts and ropes. You can choose from different colours posts and ropes so you can combine them and create the combination that you desire and that best suits your hotel. Besides managing the flow of guests, you can also use the posts and barriers to cordon off a certain area or to make sure the guests keep enough distance from one another. You can check out our assortment of Be Dutch barrier posts and velvet ropes here.

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Barrier posts with ropes

There are multiple combinations to choose from regarding the barrier posts and luxury barrier ropes. What colour velvet are you choosing? Is it going to be red, brown, black or maybe blue? Are you using the barrier posts and barrier ropes for instance for an event? Then you can also use them to place besides a red carpet. You can easily attach the rope to the post with the help of the chrome closing hooks. The ropes are sold separately from the posts. Since there is enough choice regarding the available colours of both products, enough beautiful combinations can be made.

Barrier posts Black or Chrome

There are two versions of the Be Dutch barrier posts. You can choose from a chrome barrier post with weighted base and decorative top or the same design in matte black. Both variants are made of stainless steel and have the exact same design. The post in chrome has a classic touch to it while the matte black barrier post has a more sleek and industrial look. The posts have a height of 100 centimeters and weigh 9,5 kilo per piece. In addition to that, the weighted base has a diameter of 30 centimeters.

Looking for barrier posts? Purchase them online at Be Dutch

Are you looking for barrier posts with luxurious velvet barrier ropes? Our products can be delivered from stock, just keep in mind that the barrier ropes and posts are sold separately and not as a set. Also make sure to purchase two pieces of the posts for a set. The ropes are 150 centimeters long, so leave the barrier posts a little less than 1.5 meters apart to allow the rope to hang nicely. Besides, the velvet ropes have a diameter of 4 centimeters. Pick the colour that best matches your hotel design or purchase multiple colours to allow yourself to make different combinations and to alternate between those.