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Door fitting outlet

Be Dutch has many supplies for the doors of your hotel on sale here. From a cylinder rose on sale to a cheap door stop, you will find it in our door fitting outlet. Whether you are looking for a magnetic card or door handle on sale, we have it! Take a look at our range and be surprised by our offers.

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Door handle

As part of our door fittings outlet you will also find beautiful door handles on sale. From classic and, thanks to our sale, also cheap stainless steel door handles to an indispensable doorstop. Are you about to replace the door hardware of your hotel doors, then you will find a beautiful door hardware offer on this page.

Cylinder rose

Looking for a good cylinder rose offer so that you can replace your current one with beautiful new ones of great quality? In our Be Dutch door fittings outlet you will find a discounted brass cylinder rose.

Magnetic card

If you are looking to buy magnetic cards, you will find them here in our outlet. Our paper magnetic card is made from recycled paper and is also extremely discounted. You can easily order the magnetic card per box of 200 pieces.


Such a small product, yet one that can not be missed in a hotel room is a doorstop. Be Dutch has several handy rubber doorstops in different heights. Place the door buffer against the wall so that the door handle does not hit the wall if the door is opened just a little too hard. This way, neither the door handle nor the wall will be damaged.

Extensive range of door fittings

Be Dutch has everything you need for your hotel doors. From door closers to other door accessories such as a door scope or a ventilation lock. On this page you will find cheap door fittings for your hotel doors, but Be Dutch also has a wide range for other accessories and supplies. From bathroom accessories to key management, you will find it on our website.