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Be Dutch magnifying mirrors are indispensable when shaving, applying makeup or putting in your contact lenses. They complete any bathroom and make sure that your guests have all the necessities to look their absolute best. The efficient Be Dutch mirrors are available in round and square models, with one or two swivel arms and with or without LED light.

Because of the modern and minimalist design, the different models fit with any style bathroom. Have a look below in our assortment and find the perfect design mirror and the most sufficient shaving mirrors.

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Makeup mirrors

Guests like to have the same, or maybe even more, luxury at the hotel as they have at home. Be Dutch has multiple efficient makeup mirrors that perfectly complete your hotel rooms or even your home.

To get ready for the day, a makeup mirror with integrated light serves as a perfect solution. Because of the LED light, you always have enough vision for applying makeup or shaving your beard with the utmost precision. In our assortment bathroom mirrors you have enough choice. You will easily find the perfect magnifying mirror with one or even two swivel arms, or a handy table model mirror.

The table model is very sufficient since you can easily use this one anywhere in the hotel room in case the bathroom is occupied.

Mirror shapes

Our mirrors are available in multiple shapes. In our assortment we have beautiful round mirrors but also square and rectangular mirrors. They all have a pretty timeless design so our mirrors won’t look out of place in any hotel room or bathroom.

Round mirrors

Looking for a round black mirror? The Classic 2 Black Edition can easily be mounted on the wall and can be rotated in any angle because of the two swivel arms. This sufficient round mirror has two sides, one regular and one with 3-fold magnification. This model is also available in a chrome variant.

Square mirrors

When you are looking for a square mirror, you will find it in our assortment. What about the Emma LED square model for instance? A very nice mirror provided with integrated LED light so you can have an even better vision while applying makeup. This model is single sided and only has a side with 3-fold magnification. Besides that, Be Dutch also has a rectangular model, our Techno mirror. This mirror is both available as a wall mounted variant as well as a table model.

Mirror with light

A mirror with light is very sufficient when applying makeup. Since you stand close to the mirror, the lighting from the ceiling can be blocked which results in less sight. With our Emma LED mirror with integrated LED light, the light comes from the front so you will have enough light for applying makeup and shaving your beard. The LED lighting has a lifespan of 8.000 hours and the mirror is made of aluminum with a chrome finish. Altogether it not only is a very handy mirror but also one with a beautiful timeless design.