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Be Dutch has dispensers for multiple necessities for hotel rooms. Hygiene is an important point of attention for any hotek. Of course you want to provide your guests with multiple possibilities to keep themselves clean and to guarantee a hygienic stay. With the soap dispensers, tissue dispensers and sanitary bag dispensers of Be Dutch, a clean and pleasant stay is guaranteed.

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Soap dispenser

The soap dispensers from Be Dutch van however not only be used for hand soap, but are also very useful for shampoo and shower gel. This way, the guest can easily take the right amount of soap, shampoo, shower gel or conditioner. Since you can mount the dispenser to the wall, you can hang one both in the toilet as in all bathrooms of your hotel. Use one as a hand soap dispenser besides the sink and one or multiple in or besides the shower cabin to use as a hotel shampoo and conditioner dispenser. When the guest is standing under the shower, he can easily take the liquid soap he needs with just one push on the dispenser.

Tissue dispenser

Besides handy soap dispensers, we also have tissue dispensers in our assortment. Our ABS plastic chrome dispensers have a luxurious appearance and work very well as a dispenser for paper tissues. Thanks to the paper tissue dispenser, you easily take a tissue per piece form the tissue dispenser box. These tissues can then be used for cleaning, drying your hands or to blow your nose. Be Dutch also has other efficient tissue boxes in luxurious variants made of leatherette. You can find these in the category ‘luxury accessories’. In addition to that, we also have chrome sanitary bag dispensers for in toilets and bathrooms to hygienically deposit items.